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Before I had my daughter, my career consisted of designing resources for the people that live in remote, Indigenous communities or travelling to the communities to offer in-person support. My passion and creativity were put to good use designing nutritious menus and workshops with the limited resources of fly-in communities in northern Canada. I love my work within the communities. 


When my daughter was born and it came time to start her on solid foods, I dove into research mode. I quickly realized how difficult it was to find evidence-based information online and I began amassing everything I could find about infant feeding. My husband and I were thrown a curveball when we discovered that my daughter has severe food allergies. Upon consulting with other new parents, I realized that there was a need for reliable resources about infant and child nutrition. 


Word spread among new parents in my east end Toronto community that I was a trustworthy voice in infant feeding. I leaned into my five years of university experience studying food science, got more training in paediatric nutrition, and started offering in-person Munch ’n’ Learn group sessions,  Getting Ready For Solids (0-7 months) and What To Feed Babies (7-12 months) from my home.  


Soon I will be offering online resources that parents can instantly access. found along the way.

Why is a Dietitian different?


Dietitian is a protected title in Canada. Dietitians are required to complete an undergraduate degree in nutrition at a university, complete an accredited dietetic internship program, and pass the Canadian Dietetics Registration Exam. Dietitians are registered annually by a provincial governing body that ensures they practice ethically and with current information. 


Dietitians are governed strongly by the College to protect the public from out-of-date or non-scientific information. As a result of this strong governance and the extensive schooling required, dietitians are qualified to work within hospitals and are clinically trained to treat patients with medical nutrition therapy.


I completed my degree and internship program at the University of Prince Edward Island and am registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. 


B.Sc.honors Foods & Nutrition 
University of Prince Edward Island

UPEI/QHR Dietetic Internship Program

Registered Dietitian in province of Ontario

Certified diabetes educator: The Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board.

SafeCheck Food Safety Certification

Child/infant CPR

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