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Group Sessions give current, science-based information broken down into practical and applicable guidelines.

Parents connect with other parents going through the same challenges plus you will receive a package of information which includes all the key messages plus recipes!

Group classes happen in-person in the Toronto area and virtually across North America.

Scroll down to see the various sessions.

Virtual Groups and In-Person Group Sessions

With so much information out there on how to feed your child, you could spend precious time looking for correct information.

0-7 Months

Foundations in Infant Feeding (0 - 7 Months)

An in-depth foundation on your little one’s journey with solids. This session will answer all your questions about offering baby led weaning or purees, preventing choking, introducing food allergens and more. Baby is welcome.


You will get the inside story on:

  • How much and what to offer

  • Baby-led weaning and purees

  • What to offer and sample schedule of when to offer food and formula/breastmilk

  • Safely introducing food allergens


Parents receive a digital package which includes all the key messages plus recipes.

7-12 Months

Next Steps in Feeding Baby (7 - 12 Months)

An interactive session guiding parents on how to encourage baby to become a proficient self-feeder.

Babies eat and learn from each other on how to manipulate various shapes and textures of nutrient-packed foods. Parents receive guidelines for planning healthy meals and transitioning from breastmilk or formula to milk.

Parents receive a visual 10-page guide on the best self-feeding foods and how to meal plan for their kiddo.


Overcoming Mealtime Struggles with your Toddler

(1 - 3 Years)

Having trouble feeding your toddler? As a dietitian and mom of a toddler, I totally get how tough it can be! You will learn strategies on how to handle common mealtime struggles with ease.

You will get the inside story on:

  • Managing refusing to sit at the table, picky eating, not eating, and more

  • Nutrient needs at this stage

  • Signs that you might need some additional help


* If you can't make the live session, the recording will be available for 24 hours.

Parents receive a digital package which includes all the key messages.

1-3 Years
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