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Your family dietitian from the start

Overwhelmed with all the conflicting nutrition info out there on how to feed your little one? I'm a dietitan & busy mom to a food allergy kiddo.

I make it easy, translating the science into practical advice you can use right away.

Infants & Toddlers | Family Meals | Food Allergies | Recipe Development | Resources & Workshops

Meet Suzanne

Meet Suzanne Hajto

I'm Suzanne Hajto, owner and founder of Suzanne's Table.

As a busy mom with a food allergy kiddo, I understand the challenges we all face to nourish our families.

As if there aren't enough challenges already to get a healthy meal on the table, there is so much conflicting info out there, eh? I use my science background and 12 years of experience to help parents decipher all of it to create simple strategies that are backed by science to solve your family mealtime struggles. 


You can expect a common-sense, realistic approach to my tips, easy recipes, hands-on workshops and quick education guides. It is my passion to support parents to feed their loved ones from infancy and beyond. 

You know that feeing of enjoyment and acceptance you feel when you join a loved one for a meal? That's how I want you to feel when you reach out to myself or the Healthy Family Nutrition Community Group. We are here to help you navigate the many eating phases your kids will go through. 


Munch & Learn

Munch N' Learn Group Sessions

Munch n' Learn:
0-7 Months

Getting Ready to 
Feed Babies Solids
Munch n' Learn:
7-12 Months

What to Feed Babies

I give you the tools to raise adventurous eaters


What parents say about Suzanne

Don't do it all alone

Get support on the ups and downs of nourishing our families.   

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