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No Knead, No Rise Pizza

This No-Rise Pizza is a quick, no-fuss recipe with guaranteed taste and nutrition. Your kiddos can get their hands into making the dough and can customize the toppings to suit their tastes. Perfect for pizza night at home!

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This is a fantastic recipe to involve the kids. They can choose their own toppings and get in on the pizza-making fun!


Suzanne's No Rise, No Knead Pizza Recipe

PREPARATION: 25 MIN | COOKING: 25 MIN | MAKES: 1 large sheet pan pizza


This dough is made with my no-rise oat bun recipe


1/2 cup tomato or pesto sauce

1 cup grated cheese

1 cup chopped vegetables

1 cup cooked meat or fish (optional)

Directions (see below for Cook's Notes)

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Grease a pizza pan.

2. Place the milk, oats, and yogurt in a large bowl and let sit to soften the oats.

3. Add all the dry ingredients into another bowl.

4. Grate the butter into the oat mixture.

5. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients. Stir until the dough holds together. Tip the dough out of the bowl onto a well-floured counter or cutting board.

6. Dust your hands with flour. Roll into a large circle shape.

7. Form the dough so it spreads across the pan. If desired, sprinkle with garlic powder.

8. Spread the tomato sauce, toppings and the grated cheese, over the dough.

9. Bake about 25 minutes or until the edges of the crust are golden brown.


Click the VIDEO BELOW to see the full instructional VIDEO on how to make this pizza recipe.


To make this pizza baby-friendly, cut the pizza slices into strips for easy grasping.

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