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Baby Bean Ball Recipe

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This is a high nutrition, low risk food. The base of these bean balls is my simple "not fried refried bean recipe".

This is a fantastic recipe with maximum nutrition for kiddos that are ready for a finger foods yet whose parents are nervous about choking and/or food allergy reactions.

This recipe is high in iron and fibre. The consistency of the smooth bean balls are a low choking risk and beans carry a low risk of causing a food allergy reaction.

*Cut blueberries into quarters, do not serve intact or whole



1/4 cup soft-cooked rice (optional for infants over 9 months of age or older)


1. If using rice, mix the rice and the beans together.

2. Place in a dish to let set in the fridge overnight.

3. Use a teaspoon to scoop the mixture, then roll between your hands. Use wet hands to prevent the balls from sticking. If the mixture is getting too sticky, place in the freezer for about 10 minutes to cool quickly.

4. Store in the fridge or freeze flat on a cookie sheet, then place in a plastic baggy to easily grab a few balls at a time.

5. Serve warm but not hot otherwise the balls will be too soft to handle.

You can also make Lentil Balls by making thick lentil puree*, chilling it and shaping it into balls. The recipe for lentil puree is HERE.

*You can add flavour to the lentil puree by adding one or more of the following: grated ginger, curry powder, powdered cumin.


Baby bean balls are an example of a stage 3-4 consistency.

Learn more about feeding your baby different textures from Nicola Pratt (FeedingPlus) a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20-years of experience in Pediatric Feeding. She explains introducing various food textures to baby HERE.

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