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Nutrition Boost for Frozen Cabbage Rolls

Frozen cabbage rolls are a hit at my place. My toddler likes them because they are saucy and flavourful, and I like them because they are easy, make a big batch which means lots of leftovers for lunches or another meal and they have relatively clean ingredients. They are also high in iron due to the red meat content which is another reason they are a regular on the meal circuit.

This hack boosts the vegetable content of the dish and lowers the sodium amount per cabbage roll without any added work or dirty dishes! It also saves money since one or two hacked cabbage rolls will fill up family members verses reaching for a third cabbage roll.

I like mine with a dollop of plain yogurt

Video how-to below

Note: the best way to thaw these rolls is to place them in the fridge 2 days before using or leaving out on the counter no more than 3 hours before baking.

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